Health care facilities: People in the villages around REACH have multiple health problems and there are insufficient medical facilities. There is widespread incidence of cataract, scabies and gastroenteritis.  REACH has recently constructed a small hospital building within the compound but it is not functional as yet because of lack basic medical equipment.

Clean Drinking Water: Clean drinking water is not available in the area. People have dug shallow wells for their needs. This water is unhygienic.  REACH has planned to sink a deep water well (up to 600 feet) from where sweet water will be pumped out.

Malnutrition: The children are malnourished during the initial years of operations, REACH provided free lunch to the students. With increased strength of students, this facility became in-affordable.


Minor OT

Diagnostic LAB

Dental Chair

Mobile X-ray Unit

Estimated cost USD 100,000

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